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libphysfs 1.0.1

Hi folks,

I would like to upload libphysfs 1.0.1 to unstable. It is a soname change. You are all CC'd because you have a package that build-depends on it.

I will attempt to test build all of the packages but if any of you know or could build your own for me it would be greatly appreciated. It is already in experimental.

Upstream does have a 1.1.1 version but apparently it has some issues, unless any of you know otherwise.

I hope to get it uploaded by the end of March. Here are the packages that are affected:

asc, balder2d, libparagui1.0, libparagui1.1, lincity-ng, love, netpanzer, pingus,
taoframework, tmw, trigger, warzone2100

Thank you,

Barry deFreese
Debian Games Team

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