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Re: Request to Join Project Debian Games Team

Steffen Möller wrote:

> Hello,
> I have bought an OpenMoko FreeRunner last week and of course it is running Debian. 10 years back I did a lot of Duke Nuke\'em on a Macintosh. When I have just seen a screenshot on a Non-Debian Neo, it was clear for me that I would need to get this also for my flavour. I wanted to start with Numpyphysics, though, and stumbled across Miriam\'s box2d, to which I just did some smallish changed. She will receive the patch in a few seconds per personal email. For Numpyphysics and DukeNuke\'em I\'d need the account.

Hi Steffen,

I also started to package Numpyphysics, it's unfinished in the SVN
repo, feel free to work on it :)


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