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Re: Looking for help to update atomix package, resolve two debian bugs


On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 6:52 AM, Nigel Stewart <nigels@nigels.com> wrote:
>>> I am new to the Debian packaging scheme, but I put
>>> together an atomix package with two of the bugs resolved.
>>> http://www.nigels.com/devel/atomix/
>> Hmm, we are not currently the maintainers of Atomix but it seems as though
>> the maintainer hasn't been keeping up with it.
> Hmmm... Looking at debdiff I'm wondering if I ought to repackage
> on Debian rather than Ubunutu 8.04.  Excuse a silly question, but
> is there some kind of package-farm where the .diff.gz can be
> sent to??

  You're definitely looking for mentors.debian.net...



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