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Re: Bug#497244: The gamazons is orphaned

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
2009/1/3 Christoph Egger <Christoph.Egger@gmx.de>:

  Seems at least inactive upstream (release from 2006) so potentially
suitable for freedesktop-games cooperation (whohas shows hits at Gentoo
and Fedora).

  I  might be interested (but first playing a bit). It's not urgent
anyway as the package is quasi-bugfree
 What do you others think? I would be rather interested (it's GTK not
Qt which is good for me), it seems to quite work and it's nice to play.
However my resources for the next ~5 months will be rather limited
(exames) so I'm a bit uncomfortable in doing ITAs ATM. This would, of
course be different, if the Team says they're interested in helping there.

I'm for it too, but as you said it's not currently in the highest of
my priorities lists.

I'd be happy to pick it up for us but I'm still not too keen on Git yet :(


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