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Proposed entry about games@fdo for DPN (DebianProjectNews)


  As out effort to get games packagers together is in my opinion an
great thing I would like to have an note about this on DPN[0]. As I am
up to now merely an observer and no native English-speaker I am asking
you to review my draft.



[0] http://www.debian.org/News/project/

Initiated by member of the merged Debian/Ubuntu-Games-Team and Hans de
Goede from Fedora a mailinglist[1] was created to draft inter-distro
collaboration for maintaining Games[2]. The aim is to share and review
patches as a lots of games need lots of patches or are even upstream-dead.

While still an new idea, at least FreeBSD and OpenSuSE already joined
this effort by Debian and Fedora people and KDE-Games as an upstream
seems interested as well[3].

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