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Re: screenshots.debian.net


The 'firstthumbnail' URL should also be allowed to end in .jpg, .gif
or .png and the thumb converted accordingly. Some software might not
check the Content-type header or support only one image format.

Just suggesting. Otherwise great idea!

2008/10/25, Christoph Haas <haas@debian.org>:
> Fellow devs...
> Paul Wise asked me say a few words about my current project. A while ago
> (in July) I posted [0] on debian-devel@l.d.o stating my intention to
> provide a more or less simple web service to store screenshots of Debian
> applications. I was a tad busy since then (GSoC, paid work) and didn't
> finish the project within a week as I intended. But right now I have my
> IDE open and hope to be able to show something working soon (I'm 50%
> done). I noticed that the games team maintains a games-screenshots package
> so I'd thought you might be interested and I'm of course interested in
> your opinions. Some basic data:
> - Designated site: http://screenshots.debian.net (already registered)
> - Hardware: Shares a sponsored server with mentors.debian.net.
>             ~20 GB of disk space is available. I intend to make 10 GB
>             available for screenshots.
> - Authentication: As I don't have direct access to LDAP authentication
>                   for DDs I currently allow only people with a @debian.org
>                   email address to sign up for an account. This it not
>                   perfect because Debian Maintainers and sponsorees should
>                   be able to upload screenshots for their own packages,
>                   too. Perhaps the registration email should allow anyone
>                   with a $USER@packages.debian.org address.
> - Web software: Moderately simple WSGI application run on Pylons (a Python
>                 MVC framework) using a PostgreSQL database and a little
>                 hard disk space to keep the screenshot files.
> - URL schema can be customized (thanks to the flexibility of an MVC
>   framework). So URLs like http://screenshots.debian.net/$PACKAGE
>   (screenshots page for a certain package) or even a SOAP interface are
>   easily possible. packages.debian.org could for example add an IMG
>   tag to the packages page linking to
>   http://screenshots.debian.net/$PACKAGE/firstthumbnail that could
>   return either an existing screenshot thumbnail or a dummy picture
>   saying that there is not yet a screenshot available.
> - Screenshot storage: I intend to shrink uploaded packages to 800x600
>                       and prepare a thumbnail like 100x75, too. I'm
>                       confident that 800x600 would carry enough
>                       information.
> - Management: Uploading, browsing and deleting of screenshots for own
>               applications will happen through a simple to use
>               web interface.
> - Screenshot style: on debian-devel it was argued whether screenshots
>                     should contain no or a predefined kind of window
>                     decorations. But actually that doesn't really matter.
>                     And besides an application without window decorations
>                     looks pretty stupid.
> [0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/07/msg00770.html
> Cheers
>  Christoph
> --
> A guess is just a guess until you turn it into a pie chart.
> Then it's an analysis. (Scott Adams)

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