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Re: about xmoto

--- El dom, 12/10/08, Samuel Mimram <samuel.mimram@ens-lyon.org> escribió:

> At the end of august you made an upload my package xmoto
> with the
> following changelog entry:
>  * The Debian Games Team is taking care for this package
> from now on
> Why the hell didn't I get a single message from you
> telling that you
> intended to hijack the package, asking me if I agreed????
> I might not have had time recently to take care of the
> package as I
> should, but this is no justification for such bad
> practices. You got me
> really upset there.

I was told by someone in the Games Team in which I trust a lot that you wanted us to take care of xmoto. I asked him twice to make sure of that and then went ahead. I'm really sorry that it wasn't the case and that he might have misunderstood your intentions about it. It's my fault anyway because I was doing more things at once and Lenny deadline was really close so I didn't have time to check it a third time with you. The package is obviously yours and you can hijack it back when you want.

I'm really sorry for the situation.


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