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doom engines and hard dependencies on data files

Hi folks,

Someone suggested on an Ubuntu bug against the prboom package that the
engine should list the corresponding data half only in the Recommends:

doom engines are not functionally useful without a corresponding data
half, which is why we do a Depends:.  However, movie players are not
functionally useful without a movie, and yet we do enforce such a
dependency in that case.

Freedoom in main satisfies the dependency, so unless the user reads
prbooms' package description, learns about doom-package (now
game-data-packager) and uses that to install a package of their
commercial game data, it will be pulled in.

I have heard several people complain about this dependency because they
have their own doom data files and didn't want freedoom downloaded and
installed (~7MB). Evidently none of these people bothered to read the
package description (probably because they are already aware of what
prboom is). Until this Ubuntu bug, nobody had actually filed anything. I
do not know how widespread the problem is.

Furthermore, apt now installs Recommends: by default. Back when the
decision to Depends: was made, this was not the case.

If we move the dependency to a Recommends:

	* inexperienced users would still get freedoom pulled in and
	  would still have a working package
	* experienced users could de-select freedoom and use prboom with
	  their own data files, with or without game-data-packager help

What do people think?

Jon Dowland

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