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Lost Labyrinth license clarification


As discussed a couple of days ago, Lost Labyrinth's license terms are not described very well in the included docs.

I've communicated with upstream about this and attached to this mail is a textfile which I've included in the Fedora packages, which contains a mail from upstream clarifying things.


The readme.txt included in Lost Labyrinth binaries distributions says:
"Licence: General Public Licence (GPL V2)"

Since this is a bit vague, esp with regards to if this applies to the sounds
/ graphics too. I've mailed Markus the author of Lost Labyrinth for
clarification. He send the mail below as answer. Note that where Markus writes:
"(not yet the modules)" he means the music in the form of modtracker files
(ballada.mod and archonsoflight.xm) which is part of the binary
distributions of Lost Labyrinth. This is not a problem for us (Fedora) as we
do _not_ include the music at this moment.

Delft (The Netherlands), 31 May 2008,

Hans de Goede


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Hello Hans,

I confirm that everything we use to create lost labyrinth is open source.
This includes the sourcecodes, graphics and sounds (not yet the modules).
The exact licence we use is the gnu gpl version 2 (or at your option any
later version).

Markus Döbele

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