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Extremely large packages and policy regarding these.

I have two extremely large source packages, urbanterror-data (712MB) and
worldofpadman-data (650MB). From what I understand this may cause
problems having these packages included in Debian and due to packages
this large becoming increasingly common (see recent versions of
vegastrike and alien-arena for example), I believe its time for
clarification on this.

First off, is there a hard limit on file-size of packages and if so,
what is it?

Secondly, what would be the prospect of packages this large ever making
it into Debian, although non-essential games are still important to
increasing widespread usage of not just Debian, but GNU/Linux systems in
general, and if maintainers of large packages like these are continually
faced with difficulties in getting packages accepted, due solely to
file-size, this may cause problems.

Clarification on these issues would be greatly appreciated and would
greatly help with future packaging efforts. Please note that I have also
sent this message to the debian-devel-games mailing list for further

Thanks for your time,
Jack Coulter

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