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Re: RFS: shisen.app -- Another orphaned game. (Try two)

Vincent Fourmond wrote:

Barry deFreese wrote:
I've done some work on shisen.app, including packaging the new upstream

If someone could review and/or upload I would appreciate it.


  I find it fine, except that the game does not start (but nor does the
previous version):

vincent@tanyaivinco ~ Shisen
zsh: abort      Shisen

  Is there any special way to launch it so it does not crash (in which
case it really should be mentioned in the manual page) ? Does it work
for you (in which case that would probably be an amd64-specific bug) ?
If it works fine with you, then I can upload, as that won't introduce
more problems than there is in the archive. But be ready to fix the
problem, though.




Yeah, it works fine for me (x86). Hmm, I don't have access to an amd64 machine. I can try to see if I can hunt someone with one down.

Thanks for looking at this!


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