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Re: Tremulous TJW Package

Heretik wrote:
Reinhard Tartler a écrit :

Evan asked on the MOTU Mailing list to apply the "TJW" patches for
tremulous. While I'm not particularily interested in looking at those
patches myself (since I don't play tremulous), I wondered if someone
from the Debian/Ubuntu Games Team was interested in looking into this.


I've already been asked by some Tremulous players to package this patched version. As one of them was very enthousiast, I suggested him to teach him Debian packaging, based on the previous Tremulous packages. He made some functionnal packages but they weren't DFSG-compliant. I think he lacked time after that and I haven't had news from him lately. I'll try to contact him again and ask him and he has some time to finish them or if he can upload his packages somewhere if someone else want to finish the work.

I'm not very interested myself in packaging this intermediate version but I can help volunteers with making the packages, check them and have them uploaded into Debian.


Sorry for the CC but I'm not sure if you are on this list normally. Did this person have packages posted somewhere (i.e. mentors or such) that we could start from or would we be starting from scratch?


Barry deFreese

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