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Re: [Evan Goers] Tremulous Package

Reinhard Tartler wrote:

Evan asked on the MOTU Mailing list to apply the "TJW" patches for
tremulous. While I'm not particularily interested in looking at those
patches myself (since I don't play tremulous), I wondered if someone
from the Debian/Ubuntu Games Team was interested in looking into this.



Tremulous Package
"Evan Goers" <megatog615@gmail.com>
Wed, 16 Jan 2008 00:10:02 -0500


Due to Tremulous having a slow release cycle(last release was back in 2006),
a community member(and icculus.org Quake 3 developer) named TJW has released
an updated build, dubbed by the community as the "TJW binary." The client
binary is available at http://trem.tjw.org/backport/. The server binary and
server game.qvm(required for the server) is available at
http://tjw.org/tremulous/. The updated build includes balance changes, the
Quake 3 GUID(user ID), Unlagged(anti-lag), and advanced admin features. The
full list is here: http://tjw.org/tremulous/FEATURES.txt.

The patches to the source code are available at the same locations. The
server build was last updated to revision 823(backported to work with old

The Tremulous community would greatly benefit from this change, as most
server owners have updated to at least the tjw build, and many players do
not have GUIDs(and many servers require you to have one). We get many
technical questions on our forum(tremulous.net/forum/) about how to get a
GUID or how to get the benefits of the tjw client, and many of our players
are Ubuntu users who don't understand how to replace the included binary
from the repository with the tjw build.

Thank you for reading my email. I am megatog615 on the Ubuntu forums and my
Tremulous user name is }MG{Odin. I have been playing Tremulous since 2006.

I can take a look at this but it's not a games team package so unless the current maintainer gets involved I'm not sure what good it would do.


Barry deFreese

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