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Re: japanese fonts problem

Le lundi 14 janvier 2008, Paul Wise a écrit :
> On Jan 14, 2008 2:18 AM, Alain Baeckeroot <alain.baeckeroot@laposte.net> wrote:
> > i'm working on lincity-ng, and we just received a japanese localisation
> > for the game, but we use dejavu fonts, which does not contain japanese
> > (unless i missed it). So we have only garbage display unless default fonts
> > are japanese :(.
> >
> > Does anyone know good free japanese fonts (compatible with GPL or CC) ?
> There are several free fonts in Debian that have Japanese glyphs[1].
> However, I suggest you use fontconfig/freetype/pango to render text
> using whatever fonts are available on the system rather than relying
> on one specific font. I'm not sure how compatible that would be with
> lincity-ng though.
Lincity-ng is dual licensed CC or GPL, and uses dejavu fonts, with a free
license. I guess fonts are included for having same look on any OS (linux,
mac OS, windoz ...)

> BTW, I'm curious to know why lincity-ng is lincity-ng and not lincity
> 2.0? Also, Debian seems to have both lincity and lincity-ng, is that a
> good idea? 
Lincity is the original game, SVGA X11 2d view, very light (work on 486)
Lincity-NG is New Graphics (2005), it was just a rework or UI and uses SDL
or openGL with 3d isometric view. (need better graphic card, and more RAM)

Latest beta (WIP) has changed :
-new building is added, and new file format, and big clean-up in the code
=> compatibility is just kept for loading old games and convert them
to new format/features.

> Looks like lincity is no longer maintained upstream. 
yes since 2003, and there have been some bug fixes in NG (i guess the bugs
came with the original engine)
Up to lincity-ng_1.1.2 it was possible to build oldgui lincity from the svn
This has been remove for 1.9x, but can be set back rather quickly if there
is interest on it.

> 1. http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=japanese+font&searchon=all&suite=all&section=all
Thanks a lot :-)
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> bye,
> pabs
> http://wiki.debian.org/PaulWise
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