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Re: quake2 engines

> Hi folks,
> Here are at least two quake2 engines that at least appear to be a little
> more maintained:
> AprQ2 : http://www.aq2world.com/
> v.1.21 released on Oct 27 2007
> Ioq2 : http://icculus.org/quake2/
> As far as I can tell, hasn't had a release since 2005.
> Thoughts?

it looks like aq2world is a mod of quake2
(http://www.aq2world.com/?p=about), not just a standard port.  i don't
think this is what people will expect when they install quake2.

another port is r1q2.  the code gets updated somewhat frequently, but
the news page gets announcements about once per year.  one of the
goals to make the code very secure.


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