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Re: some questions about physfs

Le mercredi 9 janvier 2008, Miriam Ruiz a écrit :
> --- Alain Baeckeroot <alain.baeckeroot@laposte.net> escribió:
> > Hello
> Hi!
> > I'm in Lincity-ng team, and currently we uses physfs (a filesystem
> > abstraction layer) for accessing data independently of the
> > running OS (linux or windoz...)
> > 
> > There are some limitations, so i'm looking for a replacement of physfs
> > but so far i found none (maybe gnome gvfs when it will be finished ?).
> As a matter of curiosiy, what are those limitations?
Only small details, but just the ones that annoy us ;-)

1/ no use of ../ in the filenames. This would be very convenient for us, but
 can be rather easily worked-around, so its is not so important.

2/ we had some problem under windoz, PHYSFS_getLastModTime does not work
as we expect (and it works smoothly under linux and afaik mac OS X).

3/ one was my lack of knowledge in C++, i did'nt knew that const char* variable
can be set at runtime (and not at compile time).

4/ some distro ships physfs 1.1. development version, and it does not work
for us, as we use 1.0 stable (the most recent one).

It worked perfectly until we (i ;-) tried to do more refined file management
for saved games (list only the most recent ones) and pre-defined scenarios
with localised names instead of english names.

Someone on physfs list kindly answered to (3), we hope that (2) will be solved

So far i have found no replacement for physfs, so i think we'll work around
the small annoyments we have met :-).


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