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Re: Possible Transition from SVN to Git?

Andres Mejia wrote:
> Well if anyone is interested, I've started working on the issue with
> git-buildpackage not being able to import just the debian directory. I
> have a patch and submitted a bug report for git-buildpackage.
> http://bugs.debian.org/458428
> Feel free to improve on the patch if you wish. Next, I'll be working
> on getting git-buildpackage to build a package from a repository with
> the upstream files.

I'm sure you must have good reasons for working on being able to do that
with git, but I don't understand why the games team would want to do
that if it switched to git.

Git's design makes it be a bad idea to check more than one package into
a single git repository. Everything I've read about git has reinforced
for me the feeling that one repository for one package is a necessity
when using git, unlike svn.

Likely some games maintained by the team have their upstream source in
git, or if not now, likely some will later. If you look at how the xorg
packages are maintained for debian in git, there are serious benefits
to having one respository per package and pulling in the upstream
history from their git repository. Like being able to cherry-pick
upstream fixes, and being able to quickly merge new upstream changes.

So if the games team were to use git, the current rationalle for only
checking debian directories in -- so that all the games can be checked
out from one repository without checking out lots of sources and data
files -- wouldn't really apply.

(PS, git-commit -a does not automatically commit new files or
automatically remove deleted files, contrary to some statements in this

see shy jo

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