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Re: XS-DM-Upload-Allowed

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> - You can only upload packages which are marked as "acceptable for DM
>   upload" using the tag this message is about.  (Well, without XS, so
>   these tags don't do anything, but they suggest that adding the real
>   tag is a detail).

Actually, with the "XS-" is the way to do it, dpkg removes this from the
field names when constructing the source package.

> All three of these are important barriers IMO.  They are all intended to
> prevent abuse.  The first by not letting irresponsible people touch
> anything.  The second by disallowing random changes all over the place
> (also to packages of other DMs), and the third by requiring explicit
> consent from a DD (the sponsor) for any package which may be touched.
> The abuse that can be done by adding these tags (without discussing with
> the sponsor) may not be huge, but it is not negligible either.  And
> there is no reason the sponsor shouldn't specifically be told (and
> agree) when this happens.

I agree that the sponsor needs to be aware of when the fields are added,
and make sure they trust the sponsee with this new level of
responsibility. You're right that it's one of the checks, although it's
perhaps of lesser importance than the others. This is definitely
something to get in the habit of checking for when sponsoring packages,
and something for sponsees to get in the habit of communicating with
sponsors before asking them to upload. Documenting it in the changelog:
Very good idea.

> Ps: I am aware that there is currently no implementation for uploading
>     by DMs.  But when preparing for when that is done, we should
>     consider things as if it's done already.

The implementation might be further along than you think. :-) I asked
Miriam if she's like to be one of the testers of the DM system as we
work on implementing it, since she's a high-profile non-DD member of
the games team.

see shy jo

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