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Re: Why quilt instead of dpatch?

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 05:29:05PM +0900, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> On 7/6/07, Gonéri Le Bouder <goneri@rulezlan.org> wrote:
> >Quilt has technical advantage and is today already the most present[1]
> >solution in the repository. Since we are a team, I think it's important
> >to have to most commun tool between the different packages.
>    Just from curiosity, could you expand on the technical advantages
> of quilt a little?  I agree both that the transition to quilt can be
> confusing, and that we should have one patch system for all 84
> packages maintained by the team: if this is to be quilt, some
> declaration of why it is better might be handy as a reference.

<sam> because dpatch-edit-patch is awfully slow, because dpatch does not
tidy after a patch failed, because there is no complete equivalent
to quilt push/pop with an argument, nor to quilt annotate, quilt fork...
<sam> there's no difference once the package is built, but as a long-time
dpatch user, I really saw the light when quilt appeared :)

Quilt can deal with patch dependency which is useful for large patch
sets. I know the security team dislike it. Sorry, I can't find where I
read that but instead I found this quote from Joey Hess: "Use of dpatch
and kin are considered harmful by most people who NMU large quantities of
packages for issues such as security."

About quilt, I use this ~/.quiltrc to avoid timestamp and local path in the
QUILT_DIFF_ARGS="--no-timestamps -p 0"
QUILT_REFRESH_ARGS="--no-timestamps -p 0"

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