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Menu transitions - PLEASE READ!


 Haha, always wanted to do some sensible ALL CAPS subject. :P

 Anyway, there is a menu transition going on that also affects us.
Propably you have read it already, being a good maintainer, after all it
was written to debian-devel-announce[1].  This mail is just meant as a
short summary for the impatient ones:

 The Games/ related menu entries that got changed:

Games/Sports got REMOVED - find something new fitting for those.

Games/Tools is NEW - propably you want to move some things into there:
               Server browsers, configurators, editors, and other
               game-related tools that are not games themselves.

RENAMED sections:
Games/Action [was:Arcade]
               Games that involve a lot of action and require fast
               Examples: xsoldier, supertux, xmoto
Games/Blocks [was:Tetris-like]
               Tetris-like games involving falling blocks.
               Examples: crack-attack, frozen-bubble, netris

 Hopefully we can complete this transition from our part pretty fast.

 There is also something more noted in the mail, which SHOULD /NOT/
AFFECT US (but I want to mention for completeness): /usr/lib/menu ->
/usr/share/menu and changed path (/usr/sbin to /usr/bin) from su-to-root
and install-menu.  If you do the maintainer script/installing of menu
files by hand and not through some tools like cdbs/debhelper, you need
to be aware of that and check.

 So long, and have fun.

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