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Re: RFS: Warzone 2100 packaging status report

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Alexander Schmehl wrote:

> However, in clean-really target you could use dh_clean for all those
> "rm -f" stuff.  And you could add the Homepage to the package
> description (as described in 6.2.4 of the developers reference).

Okay, but I will not have the time to do it before tomorrow.

> Damn, it doesn't work for me:
> ===
> $ warzone2100
> error   : Error: SDL_SetVideoMode failed (Couldn't find matching GLX visual).
> ===

Sounds like you do not have working OpenGL (mesa also works, but is way
too slow), or are trying to run it in an unsupported bit depth (it only
supports 24 and 32). You may also try running it with a different
resolution. Something like:

  warzone2100 --fullscreen --resolution 800x600
  warzone2100 --window --resolution 800x600

> Strace attached; sorry, dont' have the time for further debugging.  You
> need anything else?

Well, it is not a crash, so make sure your system matches the
requirements I mentioned above. If it does, and still does not work,
please post your "xorg.conf", and system architecture.

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