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Re: vegastrike and libboost-python-dev

You mean to  apply patches conditionally depending on which version of boost it is compiling against? That seems a bit wierd, would we fhave to upgrade the packahe with every new version of boost out there?

Isn't there a better solution?

What kind of errors do you get? I'm not sure I'm able to see the situation


2007/6/5, Andres Mejia <mcitadel@gmail.com>:

I just fixed the problem with vegastrike not building with
libboost-python-dev. Unfortunately, the way that -lboost_python-st has
to be specified now will make builds on older systems fail. I was
wondering if we could set up some checks in debian/rules to see what
version of libboost-python-dev is installed and thus apply the
appropriate patches. Could we do this?

Andres Mejia

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