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Re: DebConf7 - a suggestion

Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> (12/04/2007):
>> It would be really nice to have a BOF group on games development [...]
> An idea I've been thinking of during the past days is: what about having
> a summary of the games we package (and eventually all games in Debian),
> with some lines and one or some screenshots for each, plus links to
> upstream sites?
> Rational: I frequently read people stating that there's no real or
> intesting game on (GNU/Linux|Debian). It would be nice to be able to
> point them to a better summary than our QA page, I'd say, and ensure a
> better visibility.

There is already this (french) page :


It lists Free games. Most on them (if not all) run on GNU/Linux and most
of them are packaged in Debian.


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