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RE: Bug#383316: Final Packages?

--- Matthew Johnson <mjj29@cam.ac.uk> escribió:

> Right, I've gone through the fonts. There aren't really any similar
> ones, so I've found one which will work for both (ttf-mgopen;
> MgOpenCosmeticaRegular.ttf) and looks fine. I've therefore updated the
> packaging to remove all the fonts, depend on this and vera and symlink
> them in debian/rules.

Cool, that should be enough :)

We're really close to it! :)

> I've also added the sectoid songs to svn at
> svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages/trunk/fretsonfire-data-sectoid and
> I've added a patch to stop it trying to initialise amanith.

Unconditionally or depending on whether it is available or not?

> Thus, I think we are good to go finally! I have built both packages and
> have signed sources and binaries available here:
> http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/debian-upload/fretsonfire/ 

Great!!! I guess all the changes will also be in SVN, or we should put them
there if not.

> I'd appreciate someone doing a clean install and making sure it all goes
> smoothly and then we need to find someone to upload.

I'm trying, but I won't be able from this computer, I'll have to take it to my

Anyway, I've noticed you have a circular dependency between fretsonfire and
fretsonfire-data-sectoid that should be removed. Both cannot depend on each
other at the same time.

I was wondering, what if someone wants to play, but with their own songs
instead of those, do they really need to have them installed? I don't think
fretsonfire should depend on fretsonfire-data-sectoid, just recommend it.

> The only outstanding issue is whether one of the sectoid songs is usable
> (it might count as a derivative work). If so I can easily rebuild the
> tarball to remove that one.

Lets wait and see, but I guess at last we'll have to remove it.

Great work, I can't wait to go home and try it in my lappy :)


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