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Warzone 2100 packaging status report

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Dear colleagues,

I am back.

Packaging work for Warzone 2100 is taking way too long, and this is
mostly my fault. I will try my best to make it happen this time.

I have prepared updated packages for Warzone 2100 release 2.0.6. The
packaging files are available at Debian Games Team SVN repository [0],
and the source tarball on Alioth web space [1]. A tutorial for building
the packages is available in the wiki [2].


I have purged the changelog, because the data it contained is now
irrelevant. (Eddy, what is the point of build-depending on dpkg-dev? It
is build-essential, is it not?)

The package is set to Architecture: any, but this may not be the best
option. Warzone 2100 does not officially support 64-bit architectures,
and insists on being built as 32-bit application.

I patched it to allow building as 64-bit, but the resulting binary seems
unstable and segfaults almost immediately after startup (displays splash
screen for a couple of seconds) on AMD64 for me. I, however, have seen
people reporting success running 64-bit version of Warzone 2100, so I
would greatly appreciate some testing here.


P.S. Please post any comments to debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org
mailing list.

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