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Re: FoF package for Debian

Hi Matthew, thanks for replying.

2007/4/12, Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> wrote:
I agree it would be good to get it into Debian ASAP. The way I can see
this going is: a program package, a free data package and a package in
non-free with all the upstream songs in. The licence will need to be
changed to one which we can at least distribute with before that last

Makes sense.

The problem with the free data package is finding good songs which are
actually free. What I have found from the keyboardsonfire.net songs is
that they mostly fall into (at least one of) a few categories:

   1. frets only (no audio files)
   2. not free (often random commercial songs people are blatantly violating
      the copyright for and a quick poll of the site indicates no
      licence information in either the downloads or anywhere on the
   3. don't have a proper guitar track -- this really does spoil the
      gameplay. I've not found a good solution short of actually
      recording the guitar separately
   4. The frets are just not very goo d(not well timed, interesting

Yes.  Plus most of the songs I've tried from there seem to be too
difficult for FoF newbies to do well at.

Do we have any volunteers who are willing to create new frets files,
or is someone here willing to recruit some at one of the FoF web
forums?  If so, we could:

1. find some music at one of the sites listed at "How To Find Podsafe Music"[1]
2. find out from the artists if they have separate guitar tracks available
3. if so, ask if they would relicense under a Debian-free license
4. get frets files created.

What do you all think?

[1] http://web.archive.org/www.ipodarmy.com/2005/06/how-to-find-podsafe-music/

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