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Re: Hardware for Debian people - next step, finally

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Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 10914 March 1977, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
>> I am wondering if shipping the machine wouldn't be safer (and maybe cheaper).
>> If there isn't too much hassle, could you see how much would it cost to ship
>> to Bucharest, Romania and tell me?
> How about sending me an address?

My reasons behind this question was not at all as simple as you
might have thought:
1) we, the Debian Games Team, haven't decided if the machine will be
colocated or hosted at my place in Bucharest; I was thinking at some
point that we could host it in France at Gonéri or somewhere else in
Romania where larger bandwidth is available
2) shipping something to an address where I am not subscribed as
having the permanent address might prove problematic sometimes
3) I was thinking how much would the shipping cost Debian
4) Not sure if transporting the machine by plane is such a safe
thing to do in comparison to transport by car/some courier service.

> (And read my mail, you had no "private use" note)...

I read it carefully, twice. As I said I am also concerned about
Debian not wasting money.

So as I said, if is not too much hassle, could you provide an
estimation for a shipping to Bucharest so I can evaluate better
where I'm standing?

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