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RE: FretsOnFire

--- Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> escribió:

> Hi, I saw the ITP for frets on fire and wondered whether either of you
> had done any work on this? I've just installed amd64 etch and therefore
> need to compile the package and deps, rather than just using the
> supplied binaries. If you have any sort of packaging script for this and
> the QPL library it depends on, I'd love to use that as a starting point.
> If you aren't interested in packaging it any more, I'm more than happy
> to do so instead, I'd really like to see this game in Debian.

Hi Matt,

I almost have it packaged, but I have to carefully check out what part of the
game data can be included, and which part must be replaced. According to
upstream, none of the songs (including the tutorial) can be distributed
(supposedly according to Finnish copyright laws or something like that, I
personally don't have a clue). Fonts should also need to be replaced.

I plan to maintain the package inside the Debian Games Team, so you're really
really welcome to join and help co-maintain the package if you want :) Please
tell me if you're interested, and I'll upload the package in its current
status to the SVN server and add you to the group.


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