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Re: Hardware for Debian people - next step, finally

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Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi,
> After some long timeout we finally got round to sort out all the mail
> people sent. We are happy to announce that your request was successful,
> you can have one of the machines from Lufthansa. We selected a
> 	Pentium 4 (2400 MHz, 1024MB)
> for you. It's number in the list at
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2006/12/msg00032.html
> was 34.


> Possible note about the machine:

> Next steps:
> I am still waiting for the final bureaucracy step I need from
> Lufthansa before I can actually get the hardware out of the
> Lufthansa buildings, this has taken much longer than ever
> expected. I hope this will be done within the next one or two
> weeks, after which I can start shipping.
> For the shipment: DPL allowed to use money from Debian for the
> shipping of the machines, in case they are used maily for Debian
> related and not private stuff. In case your machine is private use
> (see above if I mentioned it there) you need to pay the shipping on
> your own.
> Customs are yours in any case, but I will declare the machines with
> a low value to keep that down to a reasonable amount, and probably
> also enclose a little official looking statement that it is a machine
> that got sorted out at Lufthansa.
> The estimated shipment cost for a machine is between 15EUR and up
> to a maximum of 70EUR
> Now, how to get the machine to you? If you are located near
> to Frankfurt, or it is easy for you to get there, we should
> meet and you get the machine directly. In that case please tell
> me a time matrix for Februar where you are near/around
> Frankfurt, so I can arrange something. Remember that this has
> to be during business hours, ie Mon-Fri 09:00 til 17:00h.

I am not near Frankfurt...

> If you cant go to Frankfurt there are two options:
>   - You visit DebConf7 in Edinburgh in June and get it there.

I hope I will get to DebConf7. I have applied for sponsorship (I haven't added
yet the IBAN and bank data) and I will require a sponsorship from my employer,
so I hope I'll get there somehow. (To be honest, I am a little concerned about
the integrity of the machine after a flight from EDI to BUH, but we'll see.)

>   - It gets shipped to you with Fedex / UPS or DHL, whatever is cheapest.
> Ok, so next what I need from you:
>   - Do you want to take the machine we selected for you?


>   - Where should it get shipped? If you dont take it at next DebConf
>     this means a complete address is needed.

I am wondering if shipping the machine wouldn't be safer (and maybe cheaper).
If there isn't too much hassle, could you see how much would it cost to ship
to Bucharest, Romania and tell me?

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