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Re: trr19: /var/games/trr19/* permissions

On 2 Jan 2007, at 14:13, Arnaud Fontaine wrote:


There are some lintian warnings in trr19 due to permissions that should
be 755 instead of 775 for the records (root:games):

W: trr19: non-standard-dir-perm var/games/trr19/text/ 0775 != 0755
W: trr19: non-standard-dir-perm var/games/trr19/record/ 0775 != 0755

However, if I put 755, it obviously doesn't work because the records can't be write to the record directory. Any idea for fixing this

Well it's only a warning, and if you're aware of *why* you need to cause the warning then I personally don't see a problem with this. Large swathes of debian aren't lintian clean after all :).

Stu, sort of back.

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