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paragui 1.1.8

tags 316335 - pending


You are the maintainer of libparagui1.0.

I see that bug 316335 is tagged "pending" since 5 July 2006.  That tag
seems forgotten.  I remove that tag now.  Feel free to undo that if it
was not forgotten.

Is it OK that I package ParaGUI 1.1.8 now? That will be a separate

Do you want me to make pkg-sdl-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org the
maintainer and myself the comaintainer? Or is it OK that I'm the sole
maintainer of this separate package? Or do you want to take over
maintenance after I create the initial package? Or any other

I'm interested in getting ParaGUI 1.1.8 in Debian because I intend to
package (ITP) Freelords.


Bart Martens

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