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Some thoughts (and sorry for being away)


I'm sorry for being so inactive now, I've just moved house and I don't have a
connection from there yer, I hope to be back ASAP.

BTW, I'm having some thoughts about something lately. I started to package
descent for Linux, until I realized that there was no way to easily have a
free world to play with, nor free editors to create it, so I stopped. A couple
of friends of mine told me that I should package it anyway (contrib) because
we had users who had bought those games (thus, had the world data) and wanted
to play them from Debian. Do you think we should support those users? I'm
quite reluctant to spending my time in non-free stuff but what they say might
have some sense.

Another point, I've already talked with some of you about some games coded in
D (like Kenta Cho's). There's no free D compiler package in Debian, although
in the future we might have gdc, or even D integrated into gcc, who knows. For
the moment, as those games are free but their building chain is not, they
might be suitable for contrib (afaik). What do you think?


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