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status of gtkradiant


Because it's been a few days since I posted the RFS on debian-devel-games, I 
wondered if there's anything else I have to do to help gtkradiant into 
debian;  AFAIK all issues are resolved and it's ready for a real DD to 
sponsor it. 

What I did: gtkradiant's debian directory on the subversion repository is
now up-to-date. I assumed that there are tools etc. to construct a .dsc 
and .diff.gz from it and the tarball (I have not much experience with

I posted a RFS to debian-devel-games and a feature request to the alioth
tracker. If there's anything more that is normally required, please tell me
because I'm a newbie with this.

One (new) issue is that I made a temporary shellscript debian/get_arch.tmp.sh 
(gets created in directory debian by dpatch), which uses uname -m to format
the architecture in such a way that it matches the gtkradiant build script
SConscript (e.g. i686 -> x86) ; two questions:

- how do you create a temporary file such as a script which only exists at 
build-time; does it live in debian/ or in debian/patches/ ? I couldn't find 
an answer in the developer's reference (chapter 6 "Best packaging practices")

- can someone with an architecture that doesn't translate to x86 (e.g. 
Macintosh) please test if they can now compile and run gtkradiant? I'm 


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