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Packaging tools (was Re: tarballs - why in SVN?)

 --- Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> escribió:

> Hi!
> * Stefan Potyra <sistpoty@ubuntu.com> [060814 22:20]:
> > Anyway, I don't see a problem if we don't have a common solution wether to
> use 
> > patch systems or not. I guess it should be the choice of the persons who
> do 
> > the most packaging work for a given package.
> Then what's the point of being a team then, if all of us go on doing the
> stuff they did before, in the way they did it before?
> I thought having a pkg-games team was more than just putting all of our
> files together.

Me too, I totally agree with you. I think we should try to reach a consensus
on the basic guidelines to try to follow in all the packages, concerning at
least use or not of a patching system (dpatch) and the packaging helper to use
(I see that no decision has been reached yet about whether to use Debhelper or

I think it would be nice that everyone who has reasons for or against anything
write them so we can have an opinion and can reach a collective decision on
that. The goal might be to gradually move from the packages we currently have
to the packaging system we decide in all of our packages, so anyone in the
group can help in any package.

I don't know how to use CDBS and have usually avoided to use Dpatch, so I
cannot talk about their pros and cons. What I see is that those tools mean a
higher entry barrier for many people packaging, but that's something that can
be acceptable if the advantages are relevant.

Any ideas?


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