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Re: I would liek to know your oppinion on LowThresholdNmu

 --- Eddy PetriÅ?or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> escribió:

> See my other mail; add a note to always contact the team, but wait a
> little less than for a usual NMU (3 days instead of 7). Would that be
> enough?

It's OK for me. I agree with that.

> >  Maintainer: Firstname Lastname <the@email.here>
> >  Uploaders: Debian Games Team <debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org>
> I don't think that this is wise. One person (in a hurry, or which does
> not download the source, etc) could contact the person in the
> mainatner field just because the Uploaders field does not show up:
> $ apt-cache show vdrift | grep @
> Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
> So you might end up with people contacting the peroson which is now on
> vacation.
> Every member of the team should be subscribed to
> pkg-games-devel@l.a.d.o and debian-devel-games@l.d.o, so the
> responsible person would step up anyway, if is present. IMHO, the
> scheme you are proposing is more disadvanageous than helpful.

I agree with Eddy PetriÅ?or, I think the current way of handling maintainer
and uploaders fields is more advantageous.


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