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Re: Many watch files are broken, we should fix them

Le dimanche 18 juin 2006 17:20, Eddy Petrişor a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I have observed that many watch files of the team's packages are broken.
> This is a call to fix those broken watch files.
> The list of broken watch files (as extracted from packages.qa.d.o) is
> attached.
> Note: I have repaired the watch files for oolite and oolite-data, but
> they didn't had an upload yet.
> P.S.: I would have made an automated script which updates this list
> periodically, but it ssems that links2 is not available on alioth and
> lynx does not display tables.
Hi all,

Boson watch files are fixed in svn. Thanks to it I notified a new upstream 
release 0.12. I'm working on the package.



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