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Re: Many watch files are broken, we should fix them


* Eddy Petri??or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> [060618 17:20]:

> Note: I have repaired the watch files for oolite and oolite-data, but
> they didn't had an upload yet.

   |    ppracer*     |    Error     |      -      |   -   |  -   |

Hmmm... this one seems to be an upsteam problem.  Something is broken
with the directory listing at the download location.

   |tuxracer-extras* |     N/A      |    error    |   -   |  -   |

There is no real upstream; the orig.tar.gz is a composition of several
courses I downloaded from different locations; it's impossible to create
a usefull watchfile for that (well; we could check the version at
ftp.debian.org just so we see no error message...)

Yours sincerely,


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