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Re: pending packages


* Gonéri Le Bouder <goneri@rulezlan.org> [060606 15:02]:

>   vdrift

General remarks:
- Needed to repack the orig-tarball, since it contained .svn stuff (that
  should be reported to upstream)
- a "download and get stuff ready" script would have been usefull
- tagged version of vdrift-data was build as arch:any not arch:all

Upload on it's way... but it will need some time.

>   supertuxkart

>   blockattack

Not (yet) uploaded:
  - everything in /usr/share/games/blockattack should be moved in a
    seperate arch:all -data package

I would also reccomend to edit debian/copyright and remove one of the
"License:" lines and to extend the description a bit; if you don't know
what "Tetris Attack" is, the description is more or less useless.
Furhtermore it would be nice to document the default keys in the
manpage; I don't think it's obvious, that you need keypad keys
(especially if you test the game on your notebook, which doesn't have
them ;)

And the game crashed, if I click on "Options -> Puzzle file".

And the blockattack.sh script is broken; too lazy to check; did it by
hand ;)

>   oolite
>   teg
>   netpanzer

Will take a look at them later.

Yours sincerely,


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