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Re: Tremulous packages

Le jeudi 04 mai 2006 à 06:26 +0200, Marc Leeman a écrit :
> Since tremulous is an modification of Quake3, shouldn't it depend on
> quake3 instead?
> As far as I understood the discussion, the ioq3 engine code was just
> included in the last (stand alone) version.
> I don't think that including the ioq3 engine with every mod is a good
> way to go (and overkill).

Actually, the ioq3 engine is regularly merged into tremulous sources,
but then tremulous diverges from the ioq3 engine. Anyway, I'll ask them
if it's possible to have a common part to reduce the duplicate.

Heretik <heretik@tuxfamily.org>

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