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my doom/debian strategy (sponsors & advice requested!)

Hello- This is my proposed plan for a comprehensive set of doom packages
for debian. Please let me know what you think. I've outlined some
requests for advice / sponsorship below.

I think the following are required for a comprehensive doom experience:

    a) engine            - doom program itself
    b) IWAD              - data for the game
    c) editor            - to create your own levels
    d)     nodes builder - related to level editing
    e) resource tools    - insert/delete resources from PWADs
    f) other             - e.g. edit resources from PWADs
    g) PWAD collection   - collection of third-party extensions

(terminology: IWAD == ID WAD, official game data; PWAD == patch WAD,

a), b) and e) are catered for in debian. I have further packages for a),
b), and d). A package for c) existed in woody (yadex) which I am looking
at resurrecting.

Here's where I could use some help :)

1. Sponsorship: I need a sponsor for "bsp" (category d.), available
   from <http://mentors.debian.net/>[1]. (version 5.1-4). Is anyone willing
   to do this? :)

   I also have packages for "chocolate-doom" (an engine which strives to
   be as close to the original doom as possible) and "omgifol" (a python
   library for manipulating doom data). These are currently in a repo at
   <http://debian.halfcoded.net/>. If anyone thinks it is worth
   uploading these to debian at present, I'd gladly accept sponsorship,
   although I'm not pushing for it yet (both are relatively new

2. doom-package is a package which generates packages for official IWADs
   (supplied from a user) in a similar way to how java-package works. It
   needs to be adjusted to be more generic (e.g. useful for quake3).
   Are there any objections to me importing it into the SVN repository?
   It's a native package.

3. There are thousands of extensions created for doom by amateurs over
   the last 13 years. The vast majority exist in a single FTP repository
   which still has many mirrors even today. Most were created using a
   template TXT file describing their licences and a friend of mine
   maintains a database which could be data-mined to draw up a shortlist
   of which would be suitable, licence-wise, for potential inclusion in

   The question is, does anyone think it would be a good idea to have
   such things in debian?

Finally: a utility "deutex" was recently accepted in main (my first
package!). Freedoom upstream uses this to build the doom2.wad file that
is presently shipped as a binary in the source package. I am currently
tidying up the upstream build system. When that's done, it is feasible
to provide a "proper" source package for freedoom, containing the
resources in source form (e.g. bitmaps, PCMs, etc.).

[1] or at least will be when it's gone through :) It is available from
    my repository <http://debian.halfcoded.net/> right now.

Thanks all,

Jon Dowland

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