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Re: Debian package for Cube

On Thursday 20 April 2006 02:50, you wrote:

Thank you VERY MUCH for you agreement.
> It's OK with me. I'm not sure even about all the textures in
> cube/packages/spen (see .txt). The main thing is if this can be considered
> just an alternate "download" of the game (i have no idea). You need to get
> with aardappel surely.
Wouter Van Oortmerssen (aka Aarappel) license is not a problem since it allow 
use to republish the materials. There is just one limitation, we are not 
allowed to change its contant. So we can for example remove non free map to 
create a full free game that should be enter the official Debian. I'm a bit 
sad with that but i contact him and he don't want to change it.

I'm trying to contact the author of the dcp_the_core map pack. He doesn't 
answser when i send mail to contact@dietmarpier.de. Maybe you know a better 
way to contact him?

If you have any question, don't hesite to contacte me.



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