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Re: Installed quake-lib-stub 1.9-2 (all source)

Fair warning...  Because -4 was marked also for potato it was not
installed into woody.  You don't want -2, believe me you don't.

Let me try to explain briefly what I did here, starting with -lib-stub:

/usr/share/games/quake/id1 is now a symlink pointing to your real quake
installation (unless of course it's a directory in which case we assume
you have it installed there..)  Your old config file will be used to
generate this symlink if need be before it goes away.  The script that
changes the symlink still works.  The script is badly broken in -2 and -3
though, so don't use it--just get -4 and all will be fine.  =>  (I hope)

The package also provides itself as an alternative (20) for the directory
/usr/share/games/quake/base.  This is inconsiquential for users of
-lib-stub, but it's necessary for users of the new QUakeForge 0.1.0-1 bins
which assume by default you want to use base rather than id1...

quake-lib is useless to the old bins now.  It hasn't been installed yet so
you're safe.  It installs its files into /usr/share/games/quake/idsw and
provides that base alternative (19, -lib-stub would take precedence
naturally..)  If you want to use the old QF bins you need to use the -game
parameter (note you can't play a mod this way because the old QF bins only
support one parameter to -game..)  If you want to use it with Id's bins
you are going to need a symlink named id1 someplace.

You _CAN_ (and I _DO_) have both quake-lib and quake-lib-stub installed
now.  This was not unintended.

"base" was not chosen without precedent, see quake2's use of "baseq2" for
the name of the equivalent directory.  Technically this was an upstream
decision, but since I'm the upstream that made it... *g*  In QW just use
gamedir in the console as needed  Do it on the cmdline if you want the
registered check to set the appropriate cvar to "1".  In UQ (quake-*), you
can now -game a,b,c which does the same thing.

Any fully free quake library should also provide alternative to base and
should be 21.  Mods that work on Id's dataset should declare dependencies
on them.  Do feel free to check and see if they work with quake-lib alone,
many of them might and at this point Id already knows we gutted the
shareware modded game check because it was pointless with GPL'd source
anyway.  The check is still there, it just works differently now.  =>

You are also encouraged to get the authors of your favorite mods to (L)GPL
that part of their work which is their own if they can so that efforts to
build completely free games may borrow some material.

(all of this should at some point end up in the README.Debian for QF and
will make it into the next release most likely..)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>                 Debian Linux developer
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