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Glide packages

If you don't know yet because you're living under a rock, 3dfx has
released damned near EVERYTHING, expect packages to be uploaded by or
durring this weekend.  Packages will be something like libglide2-card and
libglide3-card where card is the type of card supported.  Devel stuff will
be typical libglide{2,3}-dev with provides/conflicts libglide-dev as
usual.  Don't know what I'll do about sonames and the like on the libs yet
but rest assured that whatever I do (if I do anything at all) the changes
will go upstream fast.

In my binary only test builds the packages have been libglide2-v{g,2,3},
should that be changed to something more descriptive or does anyone care
if the names are kept short and the descriptions explain in more detail
what's what?  I don't care either way, all of the libglide2-* packages
provide the virtual package libglide2 anyway.

Voodoo Rush must apparently remain binary-only and non-free I guess
for now because the 2D/3D interaction code used on those cards is not
owned by 3dfx and they can't free it.  I'll investigate further if I get
time---I have exams next week and have not exactly been faithful about
getting assignments in on time, so I have some catching up to do this
week.  *g*

jt, let me know if you want me to build the new mesag3 package with glide
support.  It can go into main so there's no reason to split the package or
anything weird.

Joseph, I'll email you some rush debs as soon as I package them.  Because
of the 2D/3D problem and that I can't get the full buildable source for
the Rush, it'll probably get packaged last (sorry..)

All of the rest of you:  Please um.. "test" these packages brutally and
mercilessly soon as they get uploaded.  You all know what to do.  ;>

I'd like to thank Andrew Fear, Bruce Busby, Joseph Kain, and all the other
guys at 3dfx involved in this process whom I've not talked to for seeing
the light, opening their source (and specs!), and generally being very
accomidating (if perhaps a bit slow to answer their email (Andrew hehe!))

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