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Linux games at www.newbreedsoftware.com

Hi folks,
I have found some very interesting games at www.newbreedsoftware.com.
They work under Linux, they are (all?) under the GPL and what Ive seen so
far, they seem to be very good. I have packaged gemdropx but couldnt get the
sound work on my slink box, since I could not build the SDL library there (I
did not try too hard, but the potato package did not build).
I hope this is the right list to look for somebody to packge those things?
gemdropx was right out of the box (except sound), xbomber looks simple too,
Id love to see madbomber and you'l find some more games there, I did not
look at them all yet.
I am a bit low on time, so I would be very happy if somebody here could
packages those games.


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