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IRILL: Présentation de apt-get par David Kalnischkies


Mercredi prochain (le 30 mars) à 14h, David Kalnischkies fera une
présentation de apt-get intitulée "apt-get a life - dependency hell is
my heaven" [1].

In a world in which even 'love' is installable from the debian archive
we need tools to find, fetch and manage the installation of    packages.
We all know that these are provided by the APT family ranging from
apt-get to software-center for many years now, but what else do we know
about them? How apt-get & friends work, what features do they provide
you most likely never heard of and are all the rumors about them true?

La présentation aura lieu dans les locaux de IRILL [2] dans la salle
algorithme [3].

[2] http://www.irill.org/
[3] http://www.irill.org/about/access

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