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Re: Automatic debiian installation

[sorry for cross-posting, I guess this thread should move away from
debian-devel, but I'm not subscribed to any of the others]

> Hello,
> I would like to use a system to install automatically all my debian pc.
> But
> i don't know wich could be the best between FAI and  PRESSEED.
> Somebody could explain the difference ....
> the avantage and disavantage of the two methodes...!

It depends a lot on your specific needs. If you're fine with setting whatever is
debconf-configurable (be it at install time, using d-i's preseeding options, or
rather at the level of the installed packages), preseeding may be an appropriate
way to go. 

FAI, on the other hand, is a very flexible framework for installing systems.
Debconf preseeding is supported, but just one option out of many. You might want
to run several scripts for fine-tuning your system, copy over config files, etc.
Flexibility comes at the cost of probably slightly higher complexity, but people
tend to get to know it quite easily.


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