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[HELP] ispell French dictionary


I have a problem: Im searching for a special ispell French dictionary,
in order to compare algorithmic results.

In the article : FA Minimisation heuristics for a class of finite
languages, Jérôme Amilhastre and Philippe Janssen and Marie-Catherine
Vilarem, 1999 they use an old ispell French dictionary - I wrote them
to get a copy ... but they do not work on that subject anymore : so
the dictionary is gone. Thus I was looking in the NET. They say it is
an old one and the number of words have increased till now.

In the paper, they claim the dictionary has 58233 words - this is the
one I need.

As I figured out : The actual dictionary, which is stable at least
since 31.12.1994, has just 47618 words included. So, there is
something strange ...

Even if I put wrongly the affix file to it : there are all together
just 51792 entries.

I checked francais-IREQ-1.4 and francais-IREQ-1.3 and Francais-GUTenberg-v1.0.

Im looking forward if there is someone who can help me out.

Thanx Sebastian.

ps: I dont speak any French.

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