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Pls. can you be of an assistance to me ?

From: Mrs.Hilda N.Mupesa
Email :hilda_mupesa11@sify.com

Dear Good Friend.

Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and may 
offend your personality for contacting you without your prior  consent and 
writing through this channel.I got your contact from the  proffesional database 
found in the internet when i was searching for a reliable foreigner who will 
assist me invest this fund.  After series of prayers/fasting. i was divinely 
directed to contact you among other names found in the database.I believe that 
God has a way of helping who is in a problem and nobody on earth was born 
without problem.Every problem have a divine solution. In brief  i am Mrs. Hilda 
Mupesa,wife to Ndoga Mupesa of Chiweshe ward  in Muzarabani, Mashonaland 
Central province Zimbabwe, who was allegedly killed  in cold blood on 5th april 
2001 by alleged Zanu PF militias and war  veterans for supporting the (Mr 
Morgan Tsvangirai) Movement for Democratic  Change,whom they believed that he 
is supporting the white famers and also a serioues  opposition party to the 
tyranny government of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Since after the death of my husband,my  family has never had rest of mind 
because of intimidation and harassment, with lots of negative reports emanating 
from the present democratic government and government media/ press about my 
late husband. Our bank accounts both local and abroad has been frozen by the 

We are still under pressure from the security agents for more interrogation 
about my husbands assets and some vital documents. My movement is restricted 
and no access to any communication such as telephone accept this email 
communication, which our lawyer fought so hard to secure for me and it's  my 
only means of communication now. Even all my travelling documents where also 
sized, including my international passport which was seized by the government 
security agents.

Before my husband death as if he saw what is going to happen to his life,he 
handed over to me all the documents of cash  he deposited with private security 
company here in Zimbabwe, Including some properties documents as well. But had 
an affiliated office in Europe and was declared by my late husband as personal 
effects in disguise amount $21.9m (Twenty One   Million, Nine Hundred Thousand 
United states dollars.)

Considering the circumstances now, we cannot claim the money here in Zimbabwe. 
We have concluded all arrangement with the Security Company here to move the 
funds to their affilaite office in Europe through diplomatic means where it can 
be easily claimed by you and right now is deposited (lodged) in one of their 
affiliated office in Europe and was declared as exposable film and film 
materials to ensure it is not opened by any body and in vaults /Boxes with the 
assistance of our family lawyer.

So as soon as you indicate your interest to assist me and my childrens to get 
this project concluded then i will forward to you the full details and 
requirements on how we shall get this concluded.

Meanwhile, I will like you to view this site in order to enable you know the 
happennings in Zimbabwe here on what am telling 
you ;http://www.rte.ie/news/2000/0418/zimbabwe.html

Now i contacted you on the following agreement:

(1.)To keep this transaction confidential it deserves due to my condition right 

(2.)To assist me invest my share of the fund into a viable business  venture as 
i have little or no knowledge on where to invest this huge sum of money with 
assistance of our family lawyer. 

(3.)To present you as the bonafide owner of the fund to enable the  Security 
effect the change of ownership for easy claim to avoid any trace of the 
movement of the fund. 

(4.)You will be transparent, honesty and diligence and will not be greedy to 
divulge from the original percentage offered to you thereby requesting for 
increase which might lead you to sit on the funds once it is under your 
custody, or you try
to blackmail me so you can take the money alone. 

(5.)Your percentage for your assistance will be 30% while 65% will be for me 
and my family including lawyer's compensation and 5% will be set  aside to 
defray any incidental charges we may incurr in the course of the transaction 
and also for Charity Organizations. 

(6.) 65% will be banked for my family on trust, pending on when we would decide 
on suitable business to invest in your country.

(7.)This transaction is 100% risk free but need utmost secrecy and 
confidentiality due to my condition. 

Please contact me on this my private email email address: 

I need not to remind you of the confidentiality which this transaction demands. 
Keep this proposal secret, even if you dont want to assist me.

God Bless
Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Hilda Ndoga Mupesa.

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