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Shooting Stars St0ck Report

Triton American Energy Corp. (TRAE)
Current Price: 0.25
Will it Continue Higher? Watch This One Wednesday as We Know Many of 
You Like Momentum..

Breaking News...

Triton American Energy Corp. (TRAE) is pleased to announce after one 
full year of operations, financial audits are now underway. Audits are 
anticipated to be completed by August 1st and will reflect fiscal year 
2004 to 2005 results.

Once audits are completed, Triton American Energy will file to move to 
a new, more liquid exchange and begin presenting their company to 
stockbrokers through out the country. 

President and CEO, Louis Guidry states "We are now entering the stage 
where our acquisitions are driving in immediate residual revenues for 
our company. With the completion of our audits, investors will have the 
0pp0rtunity to watch our growth on a quarter to quarter and year over 
year basis." Mr. Guidry continued to state "We value our shareholders and 
look forward to opening our books and allowing investors to experience 
the true meaning of residual revenue and income growth of a proven 
energy company." 

Triton American Energy Corp. (TRAE) of Houston, TX., is pleased to 
announce they are now producing approximately 850,000 cubic feet of gas per 
day from 2 wells within the Dyersdale North Field. Triton American Energy 
also owns wells within Zapata County which have proven reserves and are 
pulling in 1.2 billion cubic feet of gas per day. 

About Triton American Energy Corporation: 

Triton American Energy is an independent crude oil and natural gas and 
oil exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas. The 
Company's business plan is structured to take advantage of today's rising 
energy cost, while reducing as much financial risk as possible. Tritons 
niche or specialty are the small to moderate operations (usually 1-50 
well projects). These wells can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars 
in revenue but require more hands-on attention then the major producers 
are willing to give. 


The Examples Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potential of Little Known 
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You? Then You May Feel the Time Has Come to Act... And Please Watch
this One Trade Wednesday! Go TRAE.

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