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Re: Arriving on the 9th: find our way to HUT together?

(debconf arrival schedule)

Quoting Jimmy Kaplowitz (jimmy@debian.org):

> Yes, if it's Air France 2298 departing Paris at 10:50. I'll be arriving
> in Paris at 8:35 from Boston, MA, USA. Meeting you in either Paris or

Funnily, our paths will cross at Charles de Gaulle airport as I leave
it at about 8:40, flying with GermanWings to Bonn, then Helsinki (GW
is a low-cost airline and its fares were way below Air France ones...).
and then just arrive about the same hour than you...:-)

IIRC, some of the other 5 (I think) French people who are scheduled to
attend Debconf might use this flight on July 9th on their way to

Thus, they would have a chance to gather with you or Junichi at
Paris/Charles de Gaulle.

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